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BEST OF THE BEST: Anti-Hero Video Parts

Anti HeroWe love Anti-Hero! It’s no secret that we’ve got a soft spot Julien Stranger’s rag tag band of skateboarding vagrants. To celebrate our love for the world’s greatest skateboarding company, we’ve thrown together our top ten Anti-Hero video parts/moments.



Brian Seber, Eric J and Shorty – Cash, Money, Vagrant

You’ve probably not heard of any of these dudes right? Introduce yourself via Anti Hero’s 2003 release ‘Cash, Money, Vagrant’. Just under a minute of style and speed. We listen to the Minutemen in the bath, jus’sayin.  

I Wanna Go To The Blue Thing – Bonus Footage

How is this video ten years old? Witness the hell ride crew blaze through Europe in their 2006 release ‘Bonus Footage’. TNT’s absolute destruction of Bolgona’s skatepark awaits your unprepared eyeballs. The Flipper track ‘Life’ that accompanies the first part of this video is incredible.


Ulladulla – Tent City

Maybe one of the best skatepark sessions ever captured on a video recording device. Trujillo sets the Ulladulla pace and the crew follows. Stranger’s ollie up to lipslide ride out is fuego. Hewitt brings some extra nuggets of flavour via one of our favourite ever tail blocks. Kelly Green. 


Jeff Grosso – Destination Unknown

We cried with joy when Grosso was added to the 18 squad. His short but ever so sweet part in their 2014 release ‘Destination Unknown’ is one of our favourites. A proper Runnin’ Riot.  


Peter Hewitt – Cash, Money, Vagrant

Nobody rides bowls and pools like Peter Hewitt. One of the best transition styles in the business, Hewitt lays waste to Burnside, Bilbao and more in this seriously gnarly part. The frontside 5-0 over the steps at 0:29 speaks a thousand words.


Pizzey Park – Tent City

The AH crew + Max Schaaf + Steve Bailey = Damn Son! Watch this awesome combination of humans go to work at one of Australia’s craziest spots. Cardiel’s noseslide down the escalator is pure wizardry. Steve Bailey’s frontside ollies need to be 3D printed and displayed in some sort of weird 3D skateboarding museum. Art!   


Song Two (Devo Be Stiff) – Two Songs

For us Antihero and Devo go hand in hand. The second part of Antihero’s 2002 release ‘Two Songs’ is pure 24kt gold. Stranger footage set to Devo’s ‘Be Stiff’! What else do you want? How about one of the best Cardiel FSA’s ever? Why are you still reading this? Go watch!


Raney Beres – Destination Unknown

Is it just us or does this part scream ‘Get Some’? Hectic transition madness backed up by a sick Rudimentary Peni track. Watch out for the big bank session at San Francisco’s Potrero skatepark. The Gut’s frontside nose grind revert is absolutely mental.