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Spring of 1994 marked the second release of our seasonal video series Video-Log.

Video-Log provided the UK skateboarding community with a platform to witness some of the most prolific skateboarding in the country first hand. Featuring skateboarder profiles, product reviews, competitions and more, Video-Log was the skateboarding YouTube of its time.

Now, twenty three years after its original VHS video release we’ve decided to digitize the series. Video-Log 2 features the skateboarding talents of some of the best to ever do it. Tom Penny, Mike Carroll, Jeremy Wray and Luke McKirdy to name a few.

We’ve split the main sections out for you to view at your leisure. However, if you fancy getting the kettle on for a longer stint, we’ve uploaded the video in full too. Enjoy!

Filmed by Leigh Haynes and Andy Evans. Edited by Leigh Haynes.