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TOP FIVE: Snowboard Hype Videos

Top Five: Snow Hype PartsIt's happening. I can feel it. About this time every year you can sense the change in the air; it's high time to speak to your buddies and start planning where you're going riding this winter. Here's our selection of videos to build the hype!

#1: Volcom 'Escramble' - Powder Day Section
This is my go-to 'start of the season' hype clip; I get goose bumps every time I watch it! The thought of blasting through trees as fast as I dare with my friends hooting and howling around me fills me with almost unbearable levels of anticipation for the winter ahead. The best riders smashing through waist deep powder and a killer Witch track... what more could you ask for?


#2: Dylan Gamache - Yawgoons Full Part
High power Yaw-Goon action & dicking about on a snowboard taken to the next level by one of the fruity-est riders around. This clip makes me want to jam my board into walls and generally pretend I have WAY more board control than I really do.


Again not a 'full-on hammers' part but Sean Genovese and his Dinosaurs Will Die crew know how to make the most out of small plies of snow. Slush, kerbs, fakie method 180, hype level 10! 


#4: Robot Food's 'Afterbang' - Jussi Oksanen
This section pretty much kicked off the 'butter into tricks' game, but crucially Jussi lobs his butters off massive drops and into big ol' spins. Ace style and the best trick selection. 1:48, damn!


#5: Volcom Stone - '9191'
Picking the last one for this little list was really hard, how could I pass up Nico Müller's Nike part, or any of the smooth clips of Fredi Kalbermatten, let alone leaving out the TB series or Mack Dawg's output? But at the end of the day it's got to be the definition of steeze Gigi Rüff, so here's the whole of 2014's Veeco prodcution. Soak it up, buttercup!